About TSS

In 2011, Kerry and Katherine launched The Short Story competition. We ran it for a couple of years for free with a huge number of submissions  from countries on every continent.

In 2013, Kerry went solo. She’s a Publisher at an academic publishing house and has published her own short stories in various magazines and journals, both in print and online, including Anthropology and Humanism, The Bicycle Review, Spilling Ink Review, Notes from the Underground, Brand literary magazine, the Momaya Annual Review 2012To Hull and Back Short Story Anthology 2014Red Savina Review and most recently two stories published on the Platform for Prose website. In 2014 she was longlisted for the Bath Short Story and Fish Short Story Award and in November 2015 she was one of two Highly Commended in the London Short Story Award.

In 2014, she produced an anthology: Best of The Short Story: Volume 1, including honourable mentions and a couple of other stories that had marked her mind over the first 3 years of the competition. It was a painstaking job but was intended as a gift to the authors who had written such great pieces and to everyone who had helped in so many ways to get this competition off the ground and keep it running. Best of The Short Story: Volume 2 published in 2017 and is available at Amazon for £5.00.

Best of The Short Story anthologies

AnthologyAmong her many obsessions – her little boy, dogs, cycling, London, writing, Kew Gardens, Mark Rylance, Nick Cave, making lists – there are a few  phobias, including mashed potato, woodlice and I’m not in Love by 10CC. But more than obsessions and phobias, she loves a good story. So, make her laugh, make her cry, intrigue or shock her. Whatever you do, make her keep turning that page.

Much as she’d love to give feedback on every story, the sheer volume of submissions would make this impossible. Please check the top tips as they offer handy guidelines.

If you would like to contact Kerry, please email  her at: info.theshortstory@gmail.com or follow her on Twitter @theshortstory11

PS: No references to mashed potato in your story, please.