Love your questions, especially the ones that show you haven’t read the submissions guidelines.

1. Can I send a story that I have blogged? Sorry, no.
The guidelines say, ‘it must be original and unpublished’.
A blog = published.

2. What am I supposed to write in the field on the page at the aforementioned link? “Story submission”? That is to remind you to attach your story.

3. Can I submit non-fiction? Nope. Fiction only, please.

4. Can I submit more than one story? Tsk, tsk. You haven’t read the submission guidelines, have you? No, you can’t.  ‘Only one story allowed per person. Simultaneous submissions are not accepted’. The clue is in the first line.

5. Can anyone submit a story? Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to submit a story.

6. Do you accept international submissions? Yes.

7. When will the 2018 competition open? 31 May 2018.

8. What happens if I submit a story after the Sept 15th deadline? It won’t get read. You’ll just have to wait for the launch of the 2018 competition.

9. Why is there a charge ? The 2011 and 2012 competitions came out of our own pockets. We received no financial support to launch the competition – and Kerry still doesn’t! The small charge helps to pay for the prizes, any marketing and the running of the website. Any surplus will be added to the prize money or towards the costs of any printed anthology.

If you have any further queries that these FAQs have not answered, please email Kerry at info.theshortstory@gmail.com