Past Winners

Winners from 2011-2016 are listed below:

2016 winners:

FIRST PRIZE: the-vigil-of-evergreen by Niamh MacCabe (Ireland)

SECOND PRIZE: the-hill-farm by Jonathan Page (UK)

THIRD PRIZE: passengers by Deirdre Shanahan (Ireland/UK)

2016 honourable mentions:

Beyond a Joke – Sally Lane (UK)

My Pal’s Wee, Sad Life – Stewart Lowe (UK)

The Weight of Nothing – Phillip Drown (UK)

2015 winners:

FIRST PRIZE: Clay For Bones by C.G. Menon (UK)

SECOND PRIZE: Invocation by Dan Micklethwaite (UK)

THIRD PRIZE: Pearl Divers and Flower Maidens by Sarah Isaac (UK)

2015 honourable mentions: 

Down the Knackers – Katy Jarratt (UK)

Innocently Sinister – Kevin McMahon (Ireland)

We Were All Perfectly Happy – Johanna Lipford (Italy)

2014 winners:

FIRST PRIZE: Water Bull Bride by Zoe Gilbert (UK). 2014 Costa Short Story winner.

SECOND PRIZE: I am a Sex Doll by Ralph Johnston (Japan)

THIRD PRIZE: LeChing On Me by Chantelle Gray van Heerden (South Africa)

2014 honourable mentions: 

Bisous – Jade Moulds (UK)

Saints and Sinners and Circumstance – Douglas Bruton (UK, third prize winner in 2013’s competition)

The Spartan Soldier – Adrastos Omissi (UK, second prize winner in 2013’s competition)

The Wages of Sin – Lucy Black (Canada)

2013 winners

FIRST PRIZE: Say a Prayer – James Gering (Australia)

SECOND PRIZE: By the Tracks – Adrastos Omissi (UK)

THIRD PRIZE: Keepin the Numbers Down – Douglas Bruton (UK)

2012 winners

FIRST PRIZE: Tell him to snap out of it – Glenys Norquay (UK)

SECOND PRIZE: Old Dogs – Grainne Murphy (Ireland)

THIRD PRIZE: Tom is Handsome – Vi Khi Nao (USA)

2012 honourable mention:

Jokerman – Bibi Jacob (France)

2011 winners: 

FIRST PRIZE: Delphine – Karim Julien – (France)

SECOND PRIZE: Fiddlers Creek – Angela Readman (UK)

THIRD PRIZE: Paradise Dogs – David Lovell (UK/Singapore)

2011 honourable mentions:

Hanal Pixan – Giacomo Lee

Special Needs – Avital Gad-Cykman



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